Collaboration Aids in Time Management

Collaboration Aids in Time Management


Do you ever feel there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish what needs to be accomplished? Does time seem to slip away quickly and there isn’t time to do what you really want to do like relax or spend time with your family and friends?  Feeling overwhelmed and stressed because one feels they don’t have adequate time to get done what needs to get done is a common feeling.  Ever heard the phrase, “two minds are better than one?” Collaboration is a great way to improve time management for a business, school, or any profit or non-profit group.

Collaborating or working together produces efficiency and effectiveness of time.  on a small scale a business may be more productive by forming a partnership. with a multinational company by creating crowd funding brings in ideas and pools resources from those invested in the company. People working together bring better communication and more productive use of time.  A perfect case study was an electric motor repair company that was having difficulties collaborating between repair locations in Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon.  The use of the internet to and smart phones for employees led to increased communication, faster response times, and fewer errors with electric motor repair orders.

With modern technology and advances managing time is simpler now days than ever before. High speed internet, wireless connections, and free wi-fi provided in numerous restaurants and convenient meeting places allow one to work on a computer anywhere and quickly. Knowing how to use the techniques and tips with these time savers to provide more productive time management is key. Although face to face meetings and phone calls are still used to discuss business and other pertinent matters, there are more productive ways which promote time management. Email, instant messaging, video conferencing with or without screen sharing, visual feedback tools, activity feeds, and hosted messages are some ways to discuss information.  There are also web-based tools for collaborating, for example wikis, and blogs. One can save on expensive and exhausting travel by setting up a video conference to communicate with others around the world. Communication online provides faster results than old fashioned letter writing or phone calling to discuss needs of a company or business.

With many techniques and services to help with time management one may feel overwhelmed in not knowing which ones will help them the most.  Collaboration software is available to make time management become a reality.  Stop feeling there are not enough hours in the day and collaborate where you can.  Soon there will be extra hours to enjoy for what really matters to make a life fulfilling.


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