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October 1st, 2014

iPhone Repair in Boise


I’ve had the iphone 5s for awhile now, and I love it. I’ll take an iPhone over any Android smartphone any day of the week.  Here’s the only thing that bugs me about it – I’ve cracked the screen twice.   The first time, it simply slipped out of my hands and landed on my driveway – not a particularly forceful fall, and yes, I do have one of those plastic phone protective covers.  When I picked it up, sure enough, the glass was cracked.   It wasn’t cracked so bad that I could not use it, however after several weeks, it really  became annoying.  I live in Boise, so I searched for an iphone repair service here locally.   I ended up taking it to a local cell phone store in Nampa, which will remain nameless, and they told me about a special $40 screen repair offer.  Great, I thought, $40 and my iphone will be as good as new.   An hour later a guy came out from the back and explained he was having a hard time getting the new screen to properly fit.  Finally, he got it done and I was on my way.  One problem, as I was about to pull away from the store, I realized that the buttons were not working.  I had to take it back in, and he spent another 30 minutes on it.  Ultimately, he determined that he did not have the correct parts, and handed me my phone back in pieces, and refunded my $40.   So needless to say, I wasn’t very happy, and started asking around for any REAL iphone repair service in Boise.   A friend recommended a small place in Meridian called LoosePrices Repair Center.   I took my phone in, and although the outside of the building looked a bit run down, it was actually very nice inside.  The owner Al Loose, was very nice, and replaced the screen on my iPhone while I watched.  In about 20 minutes it was done, and as good as new.   Al explained that even though  a lot of places offer iphone repair, very few are really trained or certified.    He even offered to match that $40 repair price, because of all the trouble I had had.   I’m glad there are still small businesses and small business owners like LoosePrices that actually care about service, reputation, and keeping customers happy.    So yes, I managed to crack the screen again, but this time it took it immediately to Al, and had it back in action in less than an hour.   If you need iphone repair or screen replacement – LoosePrices in Meridian is the place to go – spread the word!

Here is the link to his website.  Keep in mind Looseprices repairs all smartphones, and tablets, not just apple products.