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January 25th, 2017

Five Must Have KLR 650 Accessories

Off-road adventures are always amazing if you have the right motorcycle, gear and friends to share the experience with. Since you may also need to ride on paved roads when going to or from the trails, you will need a Dual Sport motorbike, and the KLR 650 is a great option. The 651cc liquid-cooled KLR usually comes ready to take on the challenges of adventure motorcycle riding, but you will need several accessories to enhance your experience. The following is a list of KLR 650 accessories that enhance an already fantastic bike:

i) Engine Guard/Skid Plate  

When riding your KLR 650 on a rugged terrain, there is always a chance that your engine may hit a rock due to the uneven terrain. To protect your motorcycle, you need a skid plate. A rugged skid plate not only protects, but it just makes a KLR 650 look tough.

ii) Luggage Racks & Panniers

If your trip will last more than a couple of days, you will need to carry a lot of luggage with you. Adding some luggage racks or panniers will make a KLR 650 even more versatile. There are a wide range of saddle bag options, so you may want to consider your needs and style before making a purchase.

iii) Doohickey Upgrade Kit

The doohickey upgrade is a must for any KLR 650 older than 2008, and even the newer 2008+ KLR’s benefit from the stronger balancer idle lever & spring.  The upgrade is inexpensive and you can do it yourself in just a few hours.  Definitely worth the extra piece of mind.

iv) Windshield

If you’re putting some miles on your KLR, a windscreen is something you’ll want to add to your bike.  Not only does it reduce the wind blast you feel, it offers protection from rain, bugs, & gravel.

v) KLR Fork Brace

As good as the KLR650 is, it’s not perfect.  By adding a fork brace, the brake pull and instability of this bike can be improved.