What is www.Near-Time.com?

Our website is a resource that can show you how you can quickly come together as a team for maximum collaboration and effectiveness.

We recommend the following core technologies:

Integrates wiki and weblog technologies to enable a reading, writing and organization experience directly within the web browser. Specifically, wiki technologies enable multiple users to edit and format the same pages of content. Weblogs support time-based content organization, along with special tools for syndicating and tracking posted content.

The ability to share content including calendar events and uploaded files, is a must for maximum efficiency.

Why a wiki and a weblog?

Weblogs and wikis, taken individually, support collabloration in fundamentally different ways. Weblogs are great for time-based organization, while wiki pages support collective authoring and non-linear discussion. Weblogs excel in sharing ideas and links, while wikis provide a work-space for community-wide documentation building. The inter-dependency between blog and wiki is becoming more apparent on the web, where increasing numbers of weblog authors introduce an idea via the weblog, but then link to a wiki for further collaboration.

Make sure your content is kept secure

Make sure your shared files are hosted on servers with state-of-the-art data security and redundancy. Create unique logins that aree protected by 128-bit SSL encryption and that may be optionally restricted to a secure connection to ensure your data is private even during transmission across the Internet.



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