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December 27th, 2012

Tips On Where To Look For Mold In Your Home

Black mold in your home is dangerous.

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Having mold in your home can pose a great risk to the health of your family, especially if anyone in your household has respiratory problems. Mold can be found where there is a source of water and food for it to grow on. This can include wood, fabrics, dust and dirt. Despite taking good measures to prevent the growth of mold, there is still a chance that it will grow undetected in several parts of your house. It is therefore important that you know where to look for mold in your home.

The basement is the most common area where you can find mold in your home. This area easily develops a moist and humid atmosphere, creating an enabling environment for mold to grow. You should regularly inspect the basement for any signs of mold, so you can eradicate it, before it becomes a health hazard to your family.

The attic is another area that develops conditions favorable for the growth of mold. Many people use it as a storage area, and do not bother cleaning it, sometimes for years. Any rain water that may have seeped into the attic, combined with the hot temperatures caused by the sun shining on the roof’s surface, will create conditions that will spur the growth of mold. You should therefore inspect, and clean your attic regularly to clear it of dust, dirt, and any water that may have leaked through.

The bathroom is another common area where you may find mold growing. This is an area where water is always running, and regular inspection will detect any growth of mold. The spaces between the tiles in the bathroom, and underneath the sinks, are areas that need regular checking.

The air-conditioning system can also spread mold throughout your home. The drain line, has a drip-pan, in which mold can grow. When you turn on your air-conditioning unit, the spores from the mold can be blown to various rooms in your home. Should you experience difficulties in breathing when you are in your house, but feel better once you leave it, then your air-conditioning system may be harboringĀ mold growth.

If you do not know where to look for mold in your home, these are the most common areas to inspect at first. If the problem is serious, then you need to hire an expert to inspect your home, since there could be other areas where the mold could be growing.