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May 11th, 2012

Horizontal Well Drilling

The most common method for drilling for trenchless installations has always been vertical. Large boring machine drill downwards to reach the required depth and then set up supported shafts for the equipment but sometimes it just does not work. The vertical tube misses the intended area by a few feet resulting in a completely useless shaft which has to be filled in again. But horizontal drilling is now the wave of the future. Specialized drilling companies now specialize in horizontal drilling and the designing horizontal well systems which are cost feasible and often more accurate at accessing the desired target.

Designing horizontal well boring systems

As expected, putting in and designing horizontal well systems are an exact science. Industry leaders have been installing horizontal wells since the 1980s and have improved over time. Before the project is actually started, ground engineers and technicians assess the lay of the land along with any local water sources and gas sources. These companies specialize in putting in remediation wells for environmental reason, for construction related services, and for horizontal soil sampling. Once the area is assessed, the engineer driven team will discuss and plan the project to suit the customer requirements. Once the project plan has been set up, the company will work quickly and effectively to ensure that well requirements are up as quickly and efficiently as possible. Horizontal well drilling companies should be well known for their quality performance and innovative working styles. Their projected success rates should speak for itself and experienced managers are usually allotted to each individual project to ensure efficient site logistics, health and safety of your workers and total quality control.

If you need to know more about horizontal well drilling on your property, get on-site assessment and quotes for your project that match the size and scope of your need.