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July 2nd, 2012

Great Choices In Custom Marble In Salt Lake City, Utah

marble salt lake cityWhen I began to investigate sourcing of natural stone in Utah, such as granite, limestone, soapstone, travertine, and marble,  Salt Lake City emerged with the top honors.  One of four American offices of Francini Marble is located in the Salt Lake, offering select quality products for residential and commercial projects.  The founder’s family home was in Carrerra, Italy, where internationally prized white marble is integral to the local culture and economy.

In today’s competitive marketplace, and with a struggling economy, customer service holds value at least equivalent to the dollar, and can be the distinguishing and deciding factor when making a purchase.  Francini Marble realizes the importance of service in any transaction, and the diverse and exotic inventory allows me to choose what I want rather than just what is available.   Purchasing offices are located in Brazil, India, and Italy, where the owner’s exotic tastes are reflected in unique and beautiful veining and coloring.  Quality follows the product from selection and distribution to sale and installation.  Standards have been established that give confidence in the utility and appearance of the final product.  If I want a counter top or surface to accentuate the entire décor, samples from the customer are requested of their furnishing (cabinetry, paint, etc.) to ensure proper matching.  As a stone can have varying hues and veining, I can examine and approve the entire piece prior to purchase, ranging in size from a tile to a block.

Custom houses become homes with personalized selections of materials and colors.  Designers and home owners can travel virtually to quarries the world over, while never leaving the state.  I know when I purchase marble, Salt Lake City is as far as I need to go to find a design and texture that seems to emerge from my own imagination.  If I need granite for the kitchen and marble for the boudoir, only one stop is necessary.  The experienced employees will prevent me from choosing the wrong stone for a given purpose, such as using a porous product near liquids that can stain, or putting a soft marble where it can be easily chipped with hard use.  If I buy in bulk from a large retailer, this priceless advice is not available and I could end up with an expensive purchase I regret for years.

The natural parks of the beehive state present many hues of reds and browns, with expansive views that invite dreams and creative expression.  It might surprise visitors to know that residents can choose custom marble as diverse and beautiful as Utah as well!