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April 6th, 2012

Trademarking, More Than A Basic Trademark Search On Your Own

The first thing you need to know is if what you need is really a trademark, patent or copyright. Each one protects your intellectual property but they are specific to certain things. You need to know the difference before registering a trademark only to find out you should of filed for copyright. It is not required to hire a trademark lawyer but it can be very helpful. They can help you avoid many of the problems that people run into because they are uneducated in the ways of trademark law. When you file for trademark you need to know what mark you want to register, services and goods connected with this mark and whether you use the mark now or just plan to use it in the future. You should search the USPTO database to make sure your not trying to trademark something already done. When you have made sure of this you may file your application on the site and cross your fingers.

It is very simple to access a few government websites and do your own Trademark Search. It is absolutely crucial to understand that these sites are only representing information in the federal government’s database and that trademarks are registered on both the federal and state levels. So while a trademark may not have been filed with the federal government, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s available. For this and other complicated reasons, it is most wise to conduct a basic search on the government’s trademark and patent websites, and then go directly to a trademark attorney for help with the rest of the dirty work that needs to be done. The laws are complex and the fees are strict, and trying to do it yourself will likely end up costing way more time and money by the time everything is said and done. Some things are better left to the pros, and trademarks are one.